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Public Workshops

Workshops are held in person or on ZOOM

March 18


90 min full body YIN yoga to release energetic and physical  stagnant energy that accumulates in the body.

Contact Sooz at Element 5 Fitness for more information

March 27


60 min chair yoga practice. Chair yoga is a wonderful way to gain flexibility, strength, joint mobility and relaxation. This practice is ideal for those with limited mobility as well as those recovering from injury.

Contact Sooz at Element 5 Fitness for more information


January 30

6 Week Meditation Workshop at Element 5 Fitness, Coconut Creek

We gather every Sunday for 60 min to learn the fundamentals of meditation.

Contact Sooz at Element 5 Fitness for more information

February 13

Partner Yoga at Element 5 Fitness, Coconut Creek

Join us for a fun, playful, partner yoga class. Bring a loved one, family member or friend; and let’s move together! 


We’ll stretch, move and balance in partnership with each other. Together we’ll build connection, trust and have a few laughs along the way. Working in union to create poses is fun, challenging and a great way to let go and just enjoy the moment. No yoga experience necessary. Refreshments will be served after class.

Contact Sooz at Element 5 Fitness for more information.

Other workshops - Contact me bring these workshops to your studio or organization.


These sessions focus on slow, gentle movement, include functional meditation and relaxation techniques, as well as energy healing to activate your body's own innate capacity to heal and restore itself.


Here we focus on the flow of Universal energy. You will learn how to tap into this unlimited source of energy and understand the value of crystals in keeping your energy stable and balanced.


Your intuition is a direct source of communication with the Universe. Here we learn and practice, to trust, your intuition and discover how empowering this process can be.


Ancient traditions such as Buddhism and Taoism understand the value of making time to sit with our thoughts and emotions. We explore Mindfulness, Awareness Meditation and Functional Meditation as ways to understand our true nature.

Yoga practice
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