4 Month Mentorship

"Great things never come from staying in your comfort zone, but who said you had to go it alone?"

What is a Metaphysical Mentor?

Metaphysics is the study of what lies beyond nature or the physical, and a mentor is someone who supports your growth and development in an area of expertise. My own journey has brought me a solid understanding and keen interest for how we can affect real change in our physical by address what lies beyond our senses. 

As a Metaphysical Mentor, it is my job to guide and support your personal growth, using Universal tools available to each of us. By addressing your mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual self, you affect real, lasting change in your life. 

It is my dearest honor to be a source of guidance and support on your journey of self-empowerment.


The mentorship program focuses on mind, body, energy and spiritual growth. Each month we will come together for 2 hours in total. We will focus on different areas to explore, grow and practice.

Our meetings will be twice a month for 1 hour each to monitor your progress, learn, practice and share in your developmental journey.


Examples of our time together:
Establish a baseline to see where we need to begin

Physical yoga practice to move energy

Energy healing and balancing

Meditation practice and guidance

Education in energy management

Understanding the laws and principles of the Universe

Intuitive guidance and intuition practice

Practices to do at home:

You will leave each session with home practices and material to study and engage with throughout the month.

Free with the mentorship package:

45 min energy healing

Comprehensive printed numerology report

45 min oracle and intuition reading

Email communication for questions and guidance

Each program is tailor made to begin where you are in your personal development journey. 

Reach out today for additional details and a FREE consultation.