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Melenie Borden

Certified Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master and Ordained Minister

Hi and welcome, 

I believe there are no accidents, but rather that each experience and person that we come across in our life, has something to share that will help us grow as human beings. It could be as small as a word that triggers an interest, or as profound as a life-long friendship, but nothing is random in a universe such as ours, that is held together by laws and principles.


With that in mind, I hope that my story will empower you to take control of your life today. Know that I am happy to be a part of that experience, even if we never meet in person.


My own journey to healing and self-empowerment begins 10 years ago at the age of thirty-five. I began to experience chronic pain and allergic reactions to food. My body was reacting to years of stress and anxiety and I realized that in my thirty-five years I never learned how to manage stress and it was affecting my body in a very real way.

Through yoga and meditation I found the tools to begin to heal myself. It gave me a framework to heal my physical body, relieve my mental stress and teach me how to regulate my emotional self. It took a few years of slight diet adjustments, yoga, meditation, mindfulness practices and learning  the principals of life force energy to get my body to repair itself.

Once I understood just how much of my physical and emotional health really was in my own hands, I understood there was little in this world I could not do. I began to learn, not only how to manage myself, but also that with a little bit of self-knowledge, and a basic understanding of the laws of the Universe, I could shape every part of my life. This, both empowered and emboldened me to learn, implement and now share this method  with my clients. Through self-evaluation, practical exercises and knowledge clients can redirect their lives and shape their reality.


Your best life begins with knowing who you are now, making a decision as to who you want to become, followed by an emotional reaction, made reality by small steps, fueled by gratitude and emboldened by personal expression. Leading to balance and harmony and a deep sense of inner-peace. 

To help you on your journey I offer individual services as well as a mentorship program in person at a studio in Coral Springs, FL. Please reach out for more details. I look forward to being of service to you.

Melenie  yoga pose
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